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Skin and Scalps is a center that specializes in dermatology, cosmetics and hair transplant procedures. We are located in Pune, India. We work hand in hand with expert doctors who have over 5 years of experience in their field of expertise.

We ensure that your skin and hair problems are solved with utmost satisfaction and together we work towards achieving the results you desire. Our well trained staff ensures you have a pleasant time with us.

We Understand

Hair loss can be a very confronting issue. Some people will accept baldness; others will be more pro-active and want to do something about it. At Skin and Scalp we are there to assist you in getting correct and relevant information.

Hair Transplant

If you decide that Skin and Scalp is the best fit for yourself, you will be placed into an environment of exceptionally high level of customer service. The Skin and Scalp consultants will be your personal trainers for your hair loss condition. With constant contact and reassurance. Their role is to help you get the maximum results attainable and to keep it. This is a relationship that maintains high levels of service that tracks where you should be with your treatment and when you should visit us next. It is designed to take all of the worry out of your condition.

Skin and Scalp are not surpassed in our levels of customer service, professionalism and empathy. Our consultants have had hair loss issues as well, so they know how it feels and what needs to be done. We are there for you.

A New You Starts Here

Our Skin Health Specialists understand your skin. These core machine led treatments are powerful solutions to some of the most common skin concerns we receive at Skin and Scalps.As single treatments, courses, individually, or in combination, the skin treatments we offer address the issues cause your skin problems at their root causes.

We understand the importance of having complete information before undertaking any kind of treatment, so it is our promise to provide you with an open dialogue and detailed information about the most progressive aesthetic technologies available. We offer complementary consultations for all of our treatments with one of our experienced staff to ensure you are getting the most suitable and effective treatment.


Dr. Sohana Sharma

Dr.Sohana Sharma is a highly experienced and skilled doctor in the field of trichology with over 5 years of experience. The doctor has completed her degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. The precision and results of her work is highly appreciated and regarded as one of the best in Pune.

She started her journey with Arht Global Services and has worked with over 20 different skin and hair clinics. She has a history of over 500+ happy clients with achievement of results as promised and continues to do so. A number of techniques are used depending on patient’s need and the amount of hair to be transplanted. Not only hair transplant; the clinic also provides solution to other hair related problems like hair fall, thinning, graying and many more.

What We Offer

We understand your requirement and provide quality services
Skin Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
  • Chemical Skin Peels
  • PRP Treatment
  • Dermaroller Skin Resurfacing
  • Dermapen Skin Resurfacing



Hair Treatment

  • Dermaroller
  • Mesotherapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Laser Hair Regrowth
  • Hair Transplant

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We understand your requirement and provide quality service.
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